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So, You've Got Questions About Coronavirus?

Preguntas Sobre CoronaVirus?

What Can I Do If I'm Feeling Worried?

Coronavirus Student Guide: Explanations and News Updates

Social Distancing

Calm Down Breathing Exercises

Coping Skills for Anxiety

Power Up To Calm Down

Healthy vs. Unhealthy Coping Strategies


Coping strategies are actions we take--consciously or unconsciously--to deal with stress,

problems, or uncomfortable emotions. Unhealthy coping strategies tend to feel good in the

moment, but have long-term negative consequences. Healthy coping strategies may not provide

instant gratification, but they lead to long-lasting positive outcomes.


Examples of unhealthy coping strategies: 

• Drug or alcohol use

• Overeating

• Procrastination

• Sleeping too much or too little

• Social withdrawal

• Self-harm

• Aggression


Examples of healthy coping strategies:

• Exercise

• Talking about your problem

• Healthy eating

• Seeking professional help

• Relaxation techniques (e.g. deep breathing)

• Using social support

• Problem-solving techniques

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Caroline Ingraham

School Counselor

(801) 609-1264

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Melissa Larsen

Social Worker

(801) 609-1264

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Lindsay Hester

School Counselor

(801) 609-1264

Academic Help:

How do I check my email?

  1. Go to slcschools.org

  2. Click on Student Online Resources

  3. Click on the App square with the envelope that says Outlook

  4. Your student email address is your username, whatever you login to the school computer with is your password. 

How do I log onto Canvas?

  1. Go to the internet

  2. Go to slcschools.org

  3. Scroll down until you see a button that says Student Online Resources on the right side of the webpage

  4. Click on Student Online Resources

  5. Click on the App square named Student Applications

  6. Click on the Canvas App

  7. Your classes should show up as boxes. Click on one and look around. 

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